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About Sparks

Sparks has been together for 6 years. We have both girls and boys on our squad ages ranging from 5 years old to 25 years old. Many different diagnoses make up our team including autism, bright lights loud noise processing issues, physical and occupational therapy issues, and so many other things our children and adults are suffering from should make it impossible to be a part of this squad but not only are they a part of our squad but they perform with pride and ease. Motivation is the key, our cheerleaders want to be a cheerleader so badly that they overcome all obstacles. They are living their dream. This year we had trouble raising money because the economy is so bad that the team got their music a week before they performed in a competition. I gave them the option of backing out because no team, let alone a special needs team should be able to practice one time on mats with music and nail their routine but they were amazing. They truly rocked the mat! Our squad members come from all over NJ and no child is turned away. We showcase in at least 15 or more competitions in a cheer season and we participate in several Nationals including Six Flags. Every week we don't compete, we practice. Our practices start in September and we only have a room with mats 1 day a week so we do 2 hour practices once a week. We really thought that 2 hours might be a lot but they never complain!!! I am so proud of one of my youngest Sparks, Bella Banuls she not only choreographed the routine but helped to teach it through our practice season. Sparks is an amazing cheer dance squad that has been embraced by typical cheer squads all over NJ. They bring hope awareness and inspiration to thousands upon thousands of people each year. There is so much to be learned when you watch them perform with pride each week. They are cheerleaders in every sense of the world and I couldn't be more proud of Sparks. They are an inspiration and they bring the cheer community together as they all stand up and cheer for 1 team that joins all the teams together Sparks!

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Deborah Wertalik, President

Putting the Pieces Together
Special Angels Recreation 

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Giving children with different needs the choices they deserve.